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Pleasure Craft

Bowriders and All Pleasure Boats comprise the majority of the boats to be found on inland waters, and Leisure Marine is proud to be able to offer a full range of both new and preowned pleasure craft to satisfy the wide and varied requirements of our customers. We offer you the benefit of our experience in choosing the correct boat, and will smooth the way through all the arrangements until you proudly take delivery of your boat, confident that you are backed by a company has that has been solely in the boating business for many years.

So why do we say that we will ‘smooth the way through the arrangement’s and that there are ‘wide and varied requirements’ to be satisfied? Simple answer—– because whilst most of us know about motor vehicles, how they perform and what they cost, for many buying a boat is a new experience, and we welcome all the help we can get in selecting the correct boat and organising registration, finance, documentation, insurance, testing and ensuring it has the necessary safety equipment and that we know how to use it all.

The term Bowriders and All Pleasure Boats covers a huge variety of boats and applications, from the family with teenagers (whose main objective is to go fast and impress with their tricks) to the birdwatcher who want exactly the opposite. The thought process and the final choice must be much more discerning, however, and the following are some aspects that require consideration and where the advice of an expert from Leisure Marine can be a real help

  • The appearance, age and condition of the boat are important to all of us and a personal choice
  • is the hull shape suitable for my anticipated type of use and the rough, or smooth, waters that are expected?
  • is the engine capable of the performance that is needed?
  • will the fuel consumption be satisfactory?
  • is there sufficient passenger capacity?
  • is the overall size and weight suitable for my car to tow and my garage to store?
  • is the price competitive and in my price range?
  • are accessories and safety equipment included (water toys, sound system, depth sounder etc.)
  • is there a warranty on the motor?
  • How great is the WOW factor?

Looking for Bowriders and All Pleasure Boats, take the time to consult with Leisure Marine, enjoy the benefit of our experience and reliability and look forward to years of boating fun ahead.

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