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Designed with Input from the Best Anglers in the World
NITRO® performance fiberglass boats are designed to be pure fishing machines, suitable for the highest levels of tournament competition—and the proof is easy to see. In the 2016 calendar year, NITRO pro anglers have won half of all Bassmaster® Elite tournaments, including the Classic, even though they only make up 10% of the Elite field. Perhaps the most important aspect of a NITRO for our Elite pros is the fishability factor. Every NITRO boat is laid out to do one thing very well—catch fish. Enormous front decks—up to 45 sq. ft. on the Z21—allow maximum mobility when battling unruly bass and feature low-profile gunnels for ease of skipping, pitching, flipping, or landing fish. With dual 8’ rod storage on most models, in-deck storage holds more rods and gear than you’ll ever need. Our exclusive Guardian™ livewells keep fish alive and healthy all day long, even on hot tournament days in the summer. Plus, recessed trolling-motor pedals, heavily-insulated coolers with trash receptacles, and optional removable passenger consoles help keep you and your partner fishing all day long.
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MAKO Inshore Boats Experience MAKO quality and fishability for the bays, bayous and beyond! Wherever your quarry is hiding, and wherever your adventures take you, MAKO® has a full-featured, extra-rugged and smooth-riding inshore boat to get you there. The inshore lineup consists of the award-winning Pro Skiff and 18 LTS models. Each carefully designed, crafted and outfitted to fit your every inshore need.
MAKO Offshore Boats Coastal cruises. Family fishing excursions. Reef snorkeling. Sandbar hopping. And, obviously, offshore fishing runs. Whatever adventure you seek, the MAKO® offshore lineup has a full-featured boat to get you there and ensure you spend more time fighting the fish and less fighting the water conditions. They range from 18′ 4″ to 28′ 4″ (5.59 m to 8.64 m) long. They can handle anywhere from 115 to 600 total horsepower. They are all full featured for maximum functionality, fishability and versatility. And, just like their legendary predecessors, each MAKO offshore boat is built tougher than necessary to provide peace of mind and confidence, especially when water conditions turn sour.
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TAHOE® Ski & Fish Boats, Runabout Boats and Deck Boats
Looking for the sporty lines and nimble performance of a runabout but still want to fish? The TAHOE Fish Series is sure to please. Each comes standard with our exclusive POWERGLIDE® hull design, while also adding in angler favorites like a trolling motor, aerated livewell and fishing chairs.
Do you and your crew prefer comfort, performance and just good ole’ fun? The three TAHOE Sport series runabouts all feature plush, comfortable seating throughout, plentiful storage and more to ensure all-day fun. They also sport sleek, eye-catching color themes and exhilarating performance capabilities.
Or, maybe you’re looking for pontoon-level interior room, but still want versatility and maximum performance. Look no further than our Deck Series. Each one sports a wide 8′ 6″ beam and tons of seating and storage space throughout. Plus, the sterndrive models are decked out for fishing with an aerated livewell and fishing chairs. The outboard models come standard with a ski tow pylon for watersports, and are available with an optional fish package for your choice of fun.
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The Ascend ranges of recreational and fishing kayaks is also part of The Widest Range from Tracker Marine

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