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Leisure Marine.


Cruising and Watersports

From coving to camping or just all-out running from spot to spot, cruising in a Bayliner gives our owners plenty of Options. Whether it’s a long run to a favourite lunch spot or motoring to your waterfront campsite, the Options are yours to mix and match. No matter which you choose on any given weekend, your Bayliner has the room, fuel efficiency and reliability to get you there and back, time after time.

Water sports–whether it’s tubing, wakeboarding, waterskiing or the next big craze–are some of the most fun times you can have as a boater, so we give boaters the Options and flexibility to outfit our boats with the equipment to do it right. From tow pylons to wakeboard towers, wakeboard racks and wake-boosting ballast bags we make sure you can enjoy your days on the water to the fullest. Hang on tight, the fun’s about to start.

The strength of Bayliner can be seen best in the broad range of boats produced and the Options available, including Runabouts, Centre-consoles, Deck Boats, Cuddy Cabins and Wake Boats and an endless list of models and accessories

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