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Inflatable and semi-rigid

Probably the most versatile of all classes of boat, the inflatable and the RIB (rigid inflatable boat, or semi-rigid as it is more generally called in SA) has carved itself a well justified reputation both locally and worldwide and is now part of the boating scene and is here to stay. At Leisure Marine, we have always associated ourselves with local manufacturers using only the best techniques, quality materials and world class designs, and are confidently able to offer these boats for use both inland and offshore, Inflatables for the Long Run.
There is no doubt that there are many advantages to a RIB when compared to conventional GRP (fiberglass) boats, chief among these being their comparatively light-weight and inherent buoyancy, but, tough and strong though they are, they tend to be more susceptible to accidental damage on land and to continued exposure to the elements and therefore need more care, or less abuse, than the average boat if their true lifespan is to be realised. That said, it is worth remembering that most of the worlds armies and navies now use RIBs in patrol or active roles, so their durability is beyond question, they all chose Inflatables for the Long Run.
From a tiny 3.0m tender on the dam to a 7.5m dive boat far offshore, the inflatable concept has more than proved itself, and Leisure Marine has hundreds of very satisfied users for whom the ease of towing and launching, the overall versatility and the inherent safety (remember that the Certificate of Fitness requires that inflatables are manufactured with a minimum of three compartments and are required to remain afloat if the largest is deflated) plus the outstanding stability far outweigh the need to keep the pontoons clean and covered when the boat is in storage. As with all other types of boat, Leisure Marine has a full motor and hull repair facility, so no worries, inflatables are here to stay, Inflatables for the Long Run.

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