Cabin boats

Cabin boats come in many different types and sizes, from the small cuddy-cabin to the popular two- or three berth small cruiser, from the larger monohulled or pontoon based live-aboard houseboat to the large and fast luxury power cruisers so popular overseas. No matter the configuration, they all have one thing in common, the offer of a Welcome to Tranquility in your very own B&B
Here in South Africa we are blessed with fantastic weather and many beautiful and scenic dams and rivers ideal for short or long breaks spent on the water. Imagine waking each morning to a new view, a new fishing spot, a new game reserve on the shore, a new sheltered ski spot, a new Welcome to Tranquility. With many dams, rivers and estuaries to choose from, think Lake Josini for tiger fish and game viewing, think Gariep Dam and Nature reserve, think Vygeboom Dam(Mpumalanga) and birdwatching, think Langebaan, think Knysna, think VaalDam, think of so many new mornings, the list is endless and the opportunities for adventure, exploration, fishing or just a good old-fashioned getaway are there at all of them.
And the good news is that it all happens in your own B&B with the cost benefits that brings. Call Leisure Marine for your new escape, a cabin boat and a Welcome to Tranquility.

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