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Leisure Marine.


Austral Marine, manufacturer of Angler boats, the premier pleasure and sport boats in South Africa has had a strong presence in the boating industry since its formation in 1986. Based in KZN, over the years Angler Boats have built up a reputation for quality and service. The boats are always built to a very high standard and not a price and every craft that leaves the factory has been manufactured to stringent standards to pass strict quality control. The process of manufacture has been refined over a period of time to ensure that boats will satisfy the most discerning owner. Once you have owned an Angler boat you will always own an Angler boat and will continue Making Memories with Angler.
Designed for use by families and watersport enthusiasts, a wide range of quality boats are produced which are tailored to satisfy the wide needs of the discerning boat owner and include craft for both inland and offshore use with outboard and inboard motor configurations.

From Panache to Odyssey to Benguela, the wide range of size, configuration and motor application all have one thing in common, and that is the quality construction, and that commitment to quality is continued and enhanced by Leisure Marine and their determination to ensure that by the time you arrive at the water with your new boat your safety and satisfaction have been fully taken care of and you can start Making Memories from day one.

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