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Leisure Marine.

Bass Buggy 18 DLX, Typical of the Fishing Range. *****  R1234 – PLEASE CONTACT FOR QUOTE .


Length 20′
Deck length 17′ 8”
Deck width 98″
Max. recommended HP 75 HP
Fuel capacity 32.1 gal.
Max. person capacity 8 persons

For years, the BASS BUGGY® 18 DLX has been the best-selling fishing boat in the SUN TRACKER® lineup. And it only takes one outing to see why: this boat provides all the ingredients needed to have a great day of fishing—all in a wide, stable platform that’s large enough for a crew of eight.
If a full day of fishing isn’t on the menu, the BASS BUGGY 18 DLX also offers plenty of comfort amenities for those who just want to relax the day away in the shade. It also sports entry gates on three sides and an aft boarding ladder for passengers who want to take a dive. Fishing. Family. Fun. It all comes together on the BASS BUGGY 18 DLX.

The fishing range of Suntracker pontoon boats, from the BASS BUGGY® to the FISHIN’ BARGE, cater for every taste and every pocket and range from 16ft. to 24 ft. with a huge selection of layouts and motor horse-power to suit every need.


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