Leisure Marine.

Yamaha 700+Seadoo 587 PWC, Ref 52


Length (ft.).                        9.3+8.3

Horsepower.                     80+56

Price (R).                             89,000.00 for both

Description.                       Yamaha 700+Seadoo 587 PWC

Ref.                                        52

Looking for an adrenalin pump…..well here are two, a Yamaha 700+Seadoo 587 PWC together on one dual trailer all at a very inviting price. Old they maybe, but it is an interesting “jetski fact” that over the years the size of PWC motors has increased significantly, but the speed of the unit, apart from pure racing models, has not increased in proportion, so that these two oldies will still flatten your hair and have your eyes streaming at a fraction of the cost of a new unit. Come and talk, there is a double-deal to be done and you could be on the water next weekend waiting to jump a wave or cruising to a picnic in that secluded bay.

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