Leisure Marine.

WaveRunner GP1200R, Ref 58


Length (ft.).                        9.6

Horsepower.                     155

Price (R).                            59,000.00

Description.                        WaveRunner GP1200R

Ref.                                        58

Watch for the blue-white flash as the Waverunner GP1200R performance Jetski (Personal WaterCraft) zooms by. Acclaimed in its day by enthusiasts as the class leader for performance and its world-renowned reliability and durability, this bargain priced unit is not to be missed. Its awesome engine performance and handling-enhancing features prompted the American magazine Watercraft World to say “It combines the best handling abilities and power, and is capable of delivering them in all conditions without sacrifice. The craft is virtually alone in its ability to excel in all conditions.” Why not excel yourself, climb aboard this powerhouse and let the adrenalin flow….does water run in your veins? The answer can be found right here at Leisure Marine.

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