Leisure Marine.

SeaDoo Spark Trixx, Ref 42


Length (ft.). 9.2
Horsepower. 90
Price (R). 169,000.00
Description. SeaDoo Spark Trixx
Ref. 42
Impressive tricks, fun Trixx, the SeaDoo Spark Trixx adds a new adrenalin dimension to watercraft, a new world of Trixx for you to explore, innovate and have fun. With a long list of exciting features, the Trixx will test your skills and your imagination whilst offering safety features and digital controls. This playful trickster comes complete with a galvanised road trailer with spare wheel and the 90HP 4-stroke Rotax 900cc power plant to set your spirit free. SeaDoo Spark Trixx incorporates features like ‘no-start without safety lanyard’; open architecture skeleton design with the twin advantages of easy component replacement if damaged and massive weight saving; Intelligent Brake and Reverse to make steering easier; the D-Sea-BeI system combines a series of resonators and vibration- absorbing components to make it among the quietest on the water; Step Wedges at the rear of the footwells to support the feet and bring the weight to the rear of the craft for added tricks….this is part of what has become the Trixx signature trick — the tailwalk. The feature list goes on and on, and so will your enjoyment as you challenge the Trixx with new tricks.

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