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Sea-Doo GTI-modified, Ref 136


Length (ft.). 10.5 (standard GTI)
Horsepower. 130
Price (R). 89,000.00
Description. Sea-Doo GTI-modified
Ref. 136
The Sea-Doo GTI-modified is the standard PWC (Personal WaterCraft or Jetski), designed for all those who are looking for a reliable, affordable and fun partner for playing on the water, modified by the incorporation of pontoons to give it the appearance and practicality of a semi-rigid inflatable.
In terms of power, the Sea-Doo GTI is equipped with a Rotax 4-TEC marine engine which delivers superior performances and ample power from those 130 “horses”, and this modified format will provide enhanced versatility and superior stability probably more in keeping with a relaxed ‘cruising’ and straight line performance than the action-turns of the original design. A really novel concept that will appeal to the specialised user who wants a stable craft, with a very shallow draught and the power to take you there (and back) at speed yet will provide a wide stable platform for fishing or birdwatching even in windy/choppy conditions.

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