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Regency 220 DL3 (Typical of the Regency 220 range)

Regency 220 DL3 (Typical of the Regency 220 range)
The range is inclusive of DL3, LE3 and LE3 Sport Models
Length 25.3 ft;
Deck length 23.25 ft
Deck width 102″
Max. recommended HP 250
Fuel capacity 52 gal.
Pontoon log length 23.1ft
Pontoon log diameter 26″
Pontoon log material 0.100 5052 marine alloy
Max. person capacity 10 persons
Max. person weight 1380 lbs.
From the graceful curves to the vibrant powder-coating and fence colors, the sleek console to the plush lounges, we took great care to ensure the REGENCY 220 DL3 encompasses you and your guests in classy, elegant styling through any outing.
Every material has been carefully chosen, and every detail designed and crafted-in to provide convenient function, comfort and luxury for entertaining, cruising and relaxing on the water.

Share your love of boating with family and friends onboard the 220 DL3.
Nimble and spacious. Plushly upholstered and carefully detailed. She’s perfect for lounging around a cove, entertaining with appetizers and drinks on the water. She’s just as perfect for tilting the throttle forward and taking a spirited cruise across the water to your favorite dockside eatery, or just a quiet cove for relaxing in the afternoon sun.
Fast or slow, the REGENCY® 220 DL3 is perfect for sharing with those who matter most.
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