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We all know the old expression “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and how true it often is. When it comes to outboard motors, however, how many of us really think about the abuse that our motors are subjected to and whether we can do something about that. They sit around in the yard or at the dam, perhaps for weeks or months, in all weathers, with their innards caked in congealing oil and corrosive water, then suddenly we expect them to leap into action, driven by some ageing fuel and a battery that is struggling to reach 10 volts, and once started it’s flat-out, stop, flat-out, stop, for the whole day, then back to solitary confinement ‘till next time.

At Leisure Marine we have the tools and the skills to give your motor the protection it deserves, so that it will give you the years of reliable performance that it was designed for, but you must also play your part. Bring your motor in for a service at least once a year (and that includes the modern ones that say a service interval of 300 hours) and always ensure that you are using ‘fresh’ fuel and a fully charged battery and that there is a good flow of cooling water at all times.

Leisure Marine undertakes repairs and maintenance to all motors, and as Mercury agents we are fully qualified to repair and service all Mercury motors and have the full electronic diagnostic equipment for the most sophisticated and latest Mercury models. We are also conveniently located near a small dam which facilitates on-the-water testing and evaluation.

In addition, we undertake repairs to fiberglass boats and inflatable hulls and fit accessories and safety equipment.

  • Mercury motor repairs and maintenance
  • General service and maintenance of outboard and inboard motors
  • Boat repairs and maintenance
  • Inflatable repairs
  • Installation of motors and accessories
  • Certificate of Fitness evaluations and issue of Certificate by authorised surveyor

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