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The fun is never complete and the skills of the sport are never truly mastered without the right gear, and at Leisure Marine we pride ourselves on being able to offer not only the equipment but also the sound advice that you need to make the right (not the most expensive) decision for your needs and boating style.

At Leisure Marine we can supply all the bits and pieces that turn your leisure time into pleasure time, and whether you require a lowly bung (how many of us have launched at least once without one) or a piece of sophisticated electronics we are here to organize it for you in quick time and at a competitive price, and if necessary our Workshop can fit it for you.

Half of the fun that your family and friends enjoy on the water stems from their ability to relax, fully confident that you, as their skipper, have the knowledge, skill and fully operational equipment needed. We at Leisure Marine provide the training (certificate of competency) and the boat safety inspection (certificate of fitness) as well as the actual safety equipment required to ensure that you fully justify that confidence and are totally relaxed, yet fully in control whilst on the water.

Fun on the water-that is the name of the game and it takes many different forms, so whether you are a skier or wake boarder, a fisherman, a bird watcher, a diver or just out for a quiet day on the water, Leisure Marine can supply the gear that you need.

  • Safety equipment to meet all requirements
  • Skis, tubes, wakeboards, kneeboards and all manner of fun-to-tow toys
  • VHF and marine band radios
  • Depth sounders and fish finders
  • GPS and navtronics
  • 2-stroke oil, gear oil, specialized motor oils, carburetor cleaner
  • Rope, fenders, hatches, tie downs
  • Navigation lights, bilge pumps
  • Propellers, skeg protectors, motor supports
  • Steering systems, hydraulic and manual, and cables
  • Electrical accessories, spark plugs, batteries
  • Fuel tanks, filters, pipe and fittings
  • Trailer lights and fittings
  • Motor parts and spares

The Best Possible Protection For Your Engine

If you own an outboard you will know that ensuring it runs a long time hinges on how you look after it. Quicksilver - a complete line of premium quality products are manufactured to take care of your engine and help protect your investment.

Quicksilver products are the best way to prevent problems and to keep marine engines at peak operating performance. With Quicksilver, caring for your engine is made easy. If you bought the best, keep it the best. Use only Quicksilver oils and lubricants, created and formulated by the technology teams who designed and built your engine in the first place.

Quicksilver lubricants and accessories are used the world over by all makes of outboard and inboard manufacturers. Proof that Quicksilver meets world standards

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