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Bogus Skipper Licences Warning

Bogus Skipper Licences Warning

Bogus Skipper Licences Warning.

This article was in The Saturday Star on the 20th Feb. 2010. (click on: Bogus Skipper Licences Warning below)
Please make sure that when you do your licence that you do it through a reputable company or association..............

Skippers Tickets

Please read attched article.

Skippers fined on Gauteng dams

Johannesburg - Small vessel skippers on Gauteng's inland dams have been issued 30 fines over the past two weekends, police said on Monday.

South African maritime safety authority Marine notice no. 27 of 2008

Implementation of the merchant shipping (national small vessel safety) regulations 2007 as amended to all authorised agencies, safety officers, samsa accredited skipper examiners, authorities having jurisdiction over inland water and other interested and affected parties, surveyors and principal officers

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