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That phrase probably tells why so many of our customers return to Leisure Marine year-after-year for service and boat-after-boat as they upgrade, in one case eight boats later and still having fun on the water. Caring means so much more than just order-taking; at Leisure Marine we want you and your friends and family to really enjoy hassle-free boating and watersports, and so we take the trouble to ensure that when you get to the water we have done all we can to equip you for maximum fun in safety.

Leisure Marine has the knowledge and experience to be your one-stop boating shop, whether you want performance, the biggest catch, a look at a coral reef or a quiet sundowner you can rely on us for the best advice and the best product. Talk to Leisure Marine, we know about boats and motors, fuel economy and low emissions, service and repairs, safety and training, steering and electronics, you name it.


Happy Workers Day

Happy Workers Day to all!



Leisure Marine will be closed from the 1st - 3rd of May and will be reopening our doors first thing on Monday the 4th of May!

Appologies for any inconvenience caused during this time!


Happy Boating!!

The Leisure Marine Team

Next Skippers Course dates!

 The Next Skippers Course dates will be:

These notes are for clarification and guidance in terms of why, who, when and where, and cover the Certificate of Competence, CoC (skippers certificate) only

       January 2015       Day 1 (theory) Tuesday 27th (6pm) Practical to be discussed!

                                            Day 2 (exam) Saturday 31st (9:00am-10.30am)

        February 2015       Day 1 (theory) Tuesday 24th (6pm) Practical to be discussed!

                                                         Day 2 (exam) Saturday 28th (9am-10:30am)

         March 2015          Day 1 (theory) Tuesday 24th (6pm) Practical to be discussed!

                                                          Day 2 (exam) Saturday 28th (9am-10:30am)

         April 2015             Day 1 (theory) Tuesday 14th (6pm) Practical to be discussed!

                                                         Day 2 (exam) Saturday 18th (9:00am-10.30am)

         May 2015            Day 1 (theory) Tuesday 26th (6pm) Practical to be discussed!

                                                        Day 2 (exam) Saturday 30th (9am-10:30am)

       June 2015           Day 1 (theory) Tuesday 23rd (6pm) Practical to be discussed!

                                                       Day 2 (exam) Saturday 27th (9am-10:30am)

Done yours skippers with us? Have you checked to see if its ready?

Have you done your skippers licence with us?

Please give us a call to see if your permanent ones are availble from us? They are piling up here and need you to please collect them ASAP. If you call and its still not available we will then place you on our calling list untill it does arrive.


Leisure Marine Team

Managers Choice
R169,900.00 (ONO)

Managers Choice


Regal Medalion

New Products
Odyssey 650 Sundeck (Outboard Model)

Odyssey 650 Sundeck

Odyssey 650 Sundeck

Preloved products
Sunsport (Ref: 55)

Sunsport (Ref: 55)

 Sunsport (Ref: 55)

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